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Nov 16, 2009 3:00am EST
! >> that i will support and defend the constitution and laws of the united states government. >> "hispanics today" was the only media camera crew on the set of "ugly betty" for the making of the groundbreaking tv episode in which the character, ignacio suarez, becomes a legalized u.s. citizen. >> it is a scene that we have been building to for over a season now, and it allows us to do something that is politically timely, that's emotional. >> some people have called me the poster child of the illegal immigrant. i mean, i certainly don't want to be that. but in some ways, i don't mind being that. >> tony plata knows exactly what ignacio suarez needs to think and feel, because in real life, tony's family fled cuba for america when he was a boy. >> i feel very close to ignacio suarez in that we both share this immigrant experience. it was very easy to connect with the emotions that go through u, having gone through it myself. a very powerful moment for me. >> so his character on tv becoming a legalized u.s. citizen was one of those truth is stranger than fiction moments with tony plana. >> te
Nov 30, 2009 3:00am EST
as a political refugee with my single mother and grandmother. when i came here to the united states, i didn't have any money at all. we didn't have any money, and i didn't know any word of english. we have definitely a positive, positive community who is willing to work, who is willing to succeed, to keep on going, to move on. and i'm the example of that community. i reflect that community who come here to struggle and work hard for a dream. >> in the spirit of the proverbial "actions speak louder than words," many hispanic grass roots organizations and corporations are doing their part. they are empowering students and developing real solutions and opportunities that span the education-to-career track. >> if that applies to you, if you agree with that quality... >> since its founding in 1993, the hispanic college fund, backed by community stakeholders and major corporations, has supported the education of more than 4,000 financially disadvantaged hispanic youth and awarded over $9 million in grants and scholarships. >> we want to be able to reward and award scholarships to our latino youth
Nov 9, 2009 3:00am EST
arrived in the united states. originally from argentina, roxana moved to los angeles in 1991. while working for a p.r. agency that serviced the latino market, she made a discovery. >> i was surprised that the partners and the senior people at the agency didn't even speak spanish. they haveryittl command of the spanish language, which i thought was ironic, given that we need to communicate in spanish to reach the latino market. >> her first business idea was born: to work on her own, but focusing on consumer marketing, not the traditional hispanic p.r. work. >> i consider myself a pioneer in that area and really focus on brands, fortune 500 companies and brands that really want to focus on the hispanic market, and that's pretty much what we do. we do very little community relations and social marketing, which continue to be very important areas. >> with miller brewing company as her first client, roxana began a meteoric rise in the business, marked by significant milestones. she launched rl public relations in 1996. 4 years later, she made a big leap, boosting her staff from 3 to 10
Nov 23, 2009 2:40am EST
the state attorney general's office. julia will been dead for two years. if the special investigation unit of the a.g.'s unit turned them down, too, then it was going to be say good night to the julia dawson murder file. the west michigan detectives drove down to detroit for the first of a series of meetings with an assistant attorney general named bill rollstin. >> we met two or three times. looked over the physical evidence. it wasn't very long before we knew we had the right man. once you understood tim dawson's past history of violence towards women and the insurance proceeds provided him with 100,000 reasons to do what he did. >> reporter: they would take on the case. >> it took us another 12 months to do more forensic evidence testing and review the 8,000 pages of documents. >> reporter: julia's parents had been doing more legal work themselves. now that they knew dawson was in texas with her grandson alex, they went back to the courts to reassert visitations with the boy. once again the court agreed with them. >> in january 2006, we were allowed to see him. we flew to texas. we were
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)